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I Got Covid (No Moral)

What do you want from me? I've got the covid.

I got covid, so I don't have it in me to write a newsletter. Lots of people from NYCC have tested positive, so if you were also there I hope you've been testing and not chalking up that grim feeling as standard con crud. (Though I also know people who have that too!)

AVENGERS INC. #2 is on shelves now, with art by Leonard Kirk, and it's the first issue to really get into the premise of superhero murder mysteries in the Marvel Universe. Pick it up! I also provide the framing sequence in CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1, with Dr. Strange's dead brother once again acting as horror host for that title. Paul Davidson provides art. (Brain fog made me get this wrong first time - I'm still not over it either. So sorry, Paul.)

I'm too exhausted to even play us out. Love and strength to all who need it, especially me. Normal service will be resumed - I promise, we'll rise from this low point in newsletter history much as I hope to rise from my sickbed and onto the plane home... after the necessary CDC-advised isolation period. So see you then.