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The Party's Over

Two new comics and a word on the UK Election.
A detail from VENOM #35, out today.
"Vwoorp" - the traditional SFX of time travel.

Comics! They're out today! They distract us from the pain! A couple of them are by me! Let's dive in!


Venom #35, that's what!

The cover for VENOM #35, by CAFU, showing the Venom symbiote split between Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock.
Two for the goo.

In which we get our three main players in place for the upcoming Venom War, close what might be the last of our currently-open time loops, and begin our goodbye to the "timey-wimey era" with the timiest, wimiest time shenanigan of them all! And if you picked up the FCBD Spidey/Ultimates special, you've had a sneak preview of what that is! CAFU and Frank D'Armata stun us with their amazing art and color as we get ready for the brawl to win it all! And speaking of special occasions...

The cover for the 2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL 2024, by Mike Perkins, showing a mash-up of Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha.
The only kind of Alpha male I want to hear about.

The 2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL is out today in UK newsagents - and the theme this year is mash-ups of characters. For instance, Mike Perkins' cover shows the lead story of Judge Dredd mashed with Johnny Alpha - Karl Stock and Ben Wilsher are taking care of that one. Me and my old buddy Boo Cook are parked in the back of the prog with Harlem Zombos, a mash-up of the old Harlem Heroes future-sport story with Zombo, the incredibly irregular horror comedy about a half-human half-zombie secret weapon. It's an ideal opportunity to have a little fun with the "future sport" genre in general and Zombo in particular - those who were around for my excursions into previous 2000AD specials should enjoy this one too.


Well, I've got to be fresh for the UK election tomorrow - one that promises to remove the Tories from power and maybe even from the opposition bench too, if we're very lucky. Sadly, even though the Tories are likely to be gone, their toxic ideology will in large part remain with us, presented to us as both the default setting and the best possible outcome. So we'll all have to wake up on Friday and keep working for compassion, basic human dignity and some kind of livable future however we can.

Especially now, love and strength to all who need it - and I'll play us out with classic anti-Tory anthem "Choice?" by The Blow Monkeys.

With the 28 clauses, and your market forces...