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Up From The Depths

Another short one after my US adventure.
Up From The Depths
Thor's woke now apparently.

Climbing back from the pit of Covid and being stranded in America while I isolated from it - things are still pretty crazy around here, so we're getting up to regular speed slowly, but four negative tests over the past four days suggest the plague's left my system for now. Obviously this being my second go-round (or maybe third? Hard to say) I'm not eager to take risks... but on the other hand, I'm got all the stress of a house move and various deadlines, so the fun isn't stopping here at the fun factory. I think this week we're going to keep it simple and only ask the question...


Immortal Thor #3, that's what!

The cover to IMMORTAL THOR #3, by Alex Ross, showing Thor on an alien landscape doing some kind of hammering against a crystal anvil.
Thor in the wilderness.

This is one of the earliest issues I had in my mind when I originally pitched this book - Thor tested in the wilderness by Loki. How does he solve the Skald's riddle? Well, that would be telling - but I will say that it provides at least one building block towards the larger tale on the horizon. Here's where the pieces start falling into place. Martin Cóccolo provides the gorgeous art, Matt Wilson brings the lush color.

Is that it?

It's going to have to be! Next week I'm heading to Stockholm, but I'll tell you more about that when we're closer to it - for now, love and strength to those who need it, and I'll play us out with "Work" by The 2 Bears.

We gotta work.