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The Quickfire Round

Just the facts, Jack.
An image from X-MEN RED #12, out today.
Nope - Genesis is here.

This is going to be a super-short bulletin - I'm trying to turn over a new leaf regarding various bad physical habits and one of them is staying up horribly late on Tuesday nights to get this newsletter in. Did I mention I trod on some broken glass today? Well, I did, and that might not be the worst health problem I have right now. So we've only got time for one section this time, and that section is...


X-Men Red #12, that's what!

The cover of X-Men Red #12, by Stefano Caselli, featuring a selection of X-Men Red flanking John Ironfire, with the White Sword looming menacingly in the background.
Blue Man Group.

The Genesis War is looming closer by the day - and now we get to hear about one of the inciting incidents, as we flash back to Genesis vs. The White Sword – final round! There's very little I can say about this book that isn't a spoiler, but I will say that Jacopo Camagni draws a pretty amazing White Sword. And his Jon Ironfire isn't bad either! Looking forward to seeing how Mars' newest mutant sensation grows on X-readers everywhere...

But that's not all! If you're omnibus-minded, there's a thick tome of everyone's favorite trickster hitting the shelves...

The variant cover for LOKI: GOD OF STORIES OMNIBUS, by Ozgur Yildirim.
Rainbow edition.

Loki: The God of Stories Omnibus represents a whole raft of Loki content, including but far from limited to the Agent Of Asgard series I wrote way back in the day with Lee Garbett and others. As in, all of it, and more besides. There's material here dating back to 2004 and it goes right up to almost the present day. As the guy who gave Loki their "God of Stories" moniker - and has been fairly pleased to watch it stick, despite the narrative gravity always threatening to pull our favorite storyteller back into the God of Evil zone - I feel like this hardcover represents a little chunk of history. A good companion for it would be the collected Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen and others - the missing jigsaw piece in the narrative.

Anyway, a nice thing to have hitting the shelves, as I pick up the reins of Loki again, albeit from one remove. Brother Thor is the main focus, after all - but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun with an old friend.


Like I said, it's early nights and celery for me these days. Expect this newsletter to find a home at a more opportune time of the week - in the meantime, this is still where you can find me. Love and strength to all those who need it, including my big toe - and I'll play us out with (ouch) "Walking On Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox.

Every one of us was made to suffer.