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Spring Cleaning In The Dark Cold Room

A new release and chat about an old one.
And speaking of never being done...

Another Wednesday, another newsletter. I'm continuing to shovel the coal into the furnace - digging my way out of the hole created largely by the house move last year - so things are going to remain short and sweet. But there's a comic out today, so...


Resurrection of Magneto #3, that's what!

The cover for RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #3, by Stefano Caselli, showing Magneto in the clutches of the Shadow King.
Snap into a Slim Jim.

People have already seen the preview of this - well, it's Wednesday, people have already seen the whole comic. But the preview involves a bit of housecleaning on my part - as part of trying to get my head around what this series would be and how it could fit with the larger narrative being told (also out today: X-Men Forever #1!) I did a bit of research on the various "oppositional forces to the Phoenix" we've seen on-panel. I'd heard that the Shadow King was originally intended to be one of these by Claremont, but I'd been made aware of others that had filled that niche since, such as the Goblin Force. Were there any others? Turns out the answer is yes. Did I get them all? Who even knows. The oppositional forces to the Phoenix can be plural, but for the purposes of the larger story they should probably be coherently arranged.

(No Tiger God, though. My gut said he didn't fit - I'll give that some more thought if they ever ask me for AvX II.)

That's all just window-dressing for the more metaphorical and psychological meat, though, as Magneto works out some more of his inner demons and Storm (who narrates this round) does likewise. We'll see how that works out for them in the finale.

And out LAST week...

The cover for the IMMORTAL THOR VOL 1 TPB, by Alex Ross, showing Thor in flight, glowing with godly energies.
It's cool how his arms are reflected in the helmet.

IMMORTAL THOR VOL 1: ALL WEATHER TURNS TO STORM - this came out last week, and I missed it despite having a signing for it that weekend. (Thanks to everyone who came to see me in Gosh Comics!)

Unfortunately, conversation on this has been driven by the high price point of $29.99, which is sadly outside my jurisdiction. My understanding is that this won't be the New Normal, so if you are waiting for the trades on this series and a copy of Volume One isn't available within your budget, Volume Two should catch you up via context clues with where Thor and Loki are at. (Also, if you buy your comics online, some retailers are offering deals on this one.)


Love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with "Only To Be With You" by Roachford.

Right down to the bone, I was a rolling stone.