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Oh Yeah, Newsletter

We're in basic mode.
A detail from IMMORTAL THOR #8.
Deadlines: also cruel

This is a low point, isn't it? It feels like a low point. It feels like my true colors are finally shining through here in that I've literally just remembered at half past noon that Wednesday is still New Comic Day and I have a comic out that I need to promote.

I DO HAVE AN EXCUSE, in that I had a doctor's appointment this morning that I've been worrying about, so that took up a hefty chunk of my increasingly decrepit brain space. (Worry without cause, thankfully - the word is "probably fine, don't need another blood test just yet, do keep an eye on that one thing tho" which is good news except for the aforementioned thing, which I'll be keeping an eye on as instructed.)

Anyway, my New Year's resolution to take this newsletter to new heights of greatness is OFFICIALLY IN THE TOILET but then again, it's only March! Plenty of year left to turn it around, which I absolutely will do, dear reader. Meanwhile...


Immortal Thor #8, that's what!

The cover to IMMORTAL THOR #8 by Alex Ross, showing Thor entangled in vines directed by a giant face of Gaea, his mother.
Cover blurbs are back.

In which Thor has it out with his mother Gaea over her role in unleashing the Utgard-Gods on Earth, and we get some new info on the origins of said Gods. A couple of names dropped here that might be familiar to Thor fans of old? Maybe. Our guest artist Ibraim Roberson provides some amazing visuals as Thor ventures deep into the Earth, with moody colors courtesy of the marvelous Matt Wilson.

Also out today: X-Men Red Vol 4!

The cover for X-MEN RED Vol 4 by Stefano Caselli, showing the assembled Brotherhood.
The gang's all here.

This one collects the Genesis War storyline from #14-#18, telling our side of the general Fall Of X and finishing out the book. It's five issues of mutant war and mutant history with always-exceptional art by Yildiray Çinar and colors by Federico Blee, and good reading if you want to know what Storm was up to immediately before the current Resurrection of Magneto book.

And still on shelves - Venom #31!

The cover to VENOM #31 by CAFU, showing Dylan at Carnage's mercy.
Covers often lie - this one, not so much.

I missed mentioning this last week - a grievous error, as it's the first part of the Symbiosis Necrosis crossover with Carnage, and fills in the gaps of exactly how and why he burst out of Meridius' chest cavity last issue. Naturally, this all means grim times for Dylan, Venom and Eddie, as written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by Ken Lashley. Grab it while at the comic shop!


Love and strength to all who need it - I'll play us out with "Car On A Hill" by Joni Mitchell.

He makes friends easy, he's not like me.