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Two For The Show

Two new comics out today.
A detail from IMMORTAL THOR #7
Good things come in twos.

It's going to be another quick one - end of the month means a piling-up of deadlines, but I've got two major issues coming out on the same day so I have to tell you about them. So without further ado...


Resurrection of Magneto #2, that's what!

The cover for RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #2 by Stefano Caselli, showing Magneto and Storm doing battle in Magneto's personal City Of Judgment.
Nobody's spotted the FIve of Coins yet.

I put a LOT into this one - magical thinking, Tarot correspondences, old continuity, metaphor, imagery dredged from the depths of the gut, attempts to reckon with decades of Magneto Discourse and also close off routes to bad interpretations (the last thing I want is for the reader to fall through a hole in my story like a caving mishap in a plagiarized YouTube video) - and while I have a certain degree of confidence that it Came Out Good, deep down I have no real idea if I succeeded or not. But one thing I do know – Luciano Vecchio is one of the great comic artists of our time, and if this approaches what I intended it to be, it's because of his passion and skill.

Also out today...

The cover for IMMORTAL THOR #7 by Alex Ross, showing Thor and Loki in Utgardhall, wrestling with the trials of Utgard as Utgard-Loki looms over them.
Alex Ross, everybody.

In which we complete our retelling from the Prose Edda and Thor #272. Utgard-Loki as a big villain for the series gets right back to the original mythology, so this two-parter was a no-brainer for me to do early on - close readers of the original edda and Thomas/Buscema's retelling will spot some inconsistencies and discrepancies as Loki's retelling of the tale starts to get out of their control... and while some are just us telling it our way in the space we have to tell it, others are... significant. Very significant.

What can I say about the art of Martin Cóccolo? He's simply one of the best there is, and this issue marks yet another high point. He took some tricky directions - for instance, he solved a lot of problems in terms of the scale of Utgardhall and Utgard-Loki compared to our heroes, and solved them so well you might not even notice - and delivered some of the most epic moments of the run so far. And we can't leave without mentioning the sumptuous and sublime color art of Matt Wilson, one of the greatest to ever do it. Grab a copy and dig in.


Love and strength to those who need it, and I'll play us out with "Flowers" by Jordan Rakei.

It's a game of show and tell.