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What The?

Thor faces a meta threat, and the goo hits the fan.
A detail from IMMORTAL THOR #9.
What do they say, Dario Agger?

Rough week, and once again I'm buried under the weight of deadlines, so once again we're going to power through the books that are on shelves tomorrow and leave it at that. I want to get to a point by the middle of the month where I'm on top of everything I'm skidding off now, so that probably means an earlyish night tonight (ha ha it's 1am) and that means Marvel Comics Panel By Panel and the other extras are out for now.

On the bright side, when you get the ping in the inbox, you know my comics are out! There's a certain utility in that, it's a working model. Once I'm out of the hole I'll start adding the bells and whistles again.


Immortal Thor #9, that's what!

The cover for IMMORTAL THOR #9 by Alex Ross, showing the Enchantress tearing up the first Marvel THOR comics, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83.
What the?

Alex Ross always does great covers, but that's a doozy right there. The art within - courtesy of Ibraim Roberson and our regular color wizard Matt Wilson - is also pretty gosh-darn perfect, and also features the Enchantress doing terrible violence with a THOR comic. Also this issue - the Minotaur! The Executioner! The growing realization that something is very, very wrong!

Also out this week - Venom #32!

The cover for VENOM #32, by CAFU, showing Carnage wreaking havoc in the Garden Of Time.
It's 'im.

Venom's past, present and future collide in horrible ways as Carnage comes to the Garden of Time! Meanwhile, Dylan is extremely dead after Carnage got to him last issue - but is the son of the King In Black going out that easily, or is this just the start of something even bigger and weirder...? I'm joined by Ken Lashley and Romulo Fajardo Jr. as the time-travel train barrels towards an explosive finish this summer...


You are now caught up on what to catch up with, so I'm out - love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with "Love And Pride" by King.

Get your boots on.