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Now We Are Sick

I've got the lurgy and it's everyone's problem.
Right now my main responsibility is not to cough on everyone.

When will these lean newsletter days end? Not with this edition, because I'm as sick as a dog - great hacking, wracking coughs that make my whole chest ache, headaches, bunged-up nose, feverish. I've tested for Covid more than once and it's coming up negative, but whatever it is, it ain't good. But the deadlines don't stop, sadly. And neither do the comics!


Resurrection of Magneto #4, that's what!

The cover for RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #4 by Stefano Caselli, showing Magneto in battle with Orchis troops.
Back in black.

Magneto takes over the narration for this last section, which is resolutely back in the physical Marvel world and the fight against ORCHIS. It's an attempt to get Max where I wanted him to end up in the brief moments before I hand him over - Luciano Vecchio works his artistic magic, and working with him on this mini has been a true pleasure. (He talks about his side of it in this week's X-Men Monday at AIPT.) Dare I say to keep your eyes peeled for a final collaboration between us before they drag me kicking and screaming (okay, twitching and coughing) from the X-Office?


Here's hoping I'm in better shape next time, because this effort was woeful, just woeful. Love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with "Shake The Disease" by Depeche Mode.

Can't you see it's misery and torture for me?