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I forgot Thanksgiving.
A detail from AVENGERS INC #3, out this week.
Time for what? Time for new comics!

I forgot Thanksgiving. Or rather, I thought it was next week. So I've got artists that need script before the office closes for four days and that means I once again don't have time for a full version of this newsletter with all the bells and whistles. Will I ever have time? Watch this space! While we dive into the thorny question of...


Avengers Inc. #3, that's what!

The cover for AVENGERS INC #3 by Daniel Acuna, showing Jan and Vic looking moody at a Viking feast.
It's a TV show.

Once again, Leonard Kirk provides the art, and it's a pulse-pounding all-action humdinger of wall-to-wall brawling vikings this time, so please give him his flowers. This one had a complex gestation - at one point there was a more traditional version of the book where Valkyrie was on the team full-time, and after I pared that down to the "Jan solves mysteries, Vic's a mystery, they fight crime, it's a TV show" concept, she remained as the earliest "guest star" after Vision... mostly because I liked the idea of a murder in the halls of Valhalla. Of course, then I had to think one up - but writing Immortal Thor at the same time, I had a bunch of ideas cooking on that fire already and (even though it broke one of my cardinal rules) some of them leaked through, and this became not just a murder, but an important murder.

An editorial caption from AVENGERS INC #3, stating that the story is set during IMMORTAL THOR #1.
Hence this.

Make of that what you will. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving... thanks for buying my comics.


That's it! I've got to crack on, I have SO much to do today. Love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness" by The National.

We said we'd only die of lonely secrets.