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NYCC! No time! Go, go, go!
Close-up detail of the cover of X-Men Red 16, showing Ironfire's skull.
Content stripped to the bone.

It's NEW YORK COMIC CON! And that means I have zero time for anything, so this isn't just going to be a short update, it's going to be damn near vestigial.


X-Men Red #16, that's what!

The cover of X-Men Rec #16 by Stefano Caselli, showing the Four Horseman in the burning ruins of Port Prometheus, holding Ironfire's skull.
And it looks like this!

The war gets wilder, the Uranos trigger is unveiled and considered, Storm takes on the Horsemen and an X-Man falls defending mutantkind. Art by the always-amazing Yildiray Cinar.

Also on shelves - Venom #26! Picking up from #23, Natasha gets deeper into the web of Venom, and Torunn Gronbekk and Julius Ohta are right there with you.

Cover for VENOME 26, art by CAFU, showing Black Widow battling a nasty symbiote.
It looks like this!


Horribly truncated? You betcha! Expect an EMERGENCY UPDATE later today or tomorrow detailing my NYCC schedule of panels and signings so you know where to find me. In the meantime, love and strength to all who need it and I'll play us out - in the spirit of this super-short entry - with "What's That Blue Thing Doing Here" by They Might Be Giants.

What's that blue thing doing here?