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Once More, With Feeling

In which I try to get it right this time.
A section of the Phil Noto cover for STORM & THE BROTHERHOOD #1
If you've got a problem... if nobody else can help... and if you can find them...

So! Last week I wrote a newsletter promoting a comic that - for some reason, let's call it extreme tiredness - I thought was out that week. But it wasn't! And in making it my headliner, I stole the spotlight from symbiotes who needed it. But this week it is out! And it's the headliner! So let's try this again and get it right this time. Ahem...


Storm & The Brotherhood Of Mutants #1, and this time I mean it.

The Phil Noto variant cover for STORM & THE BROTHERHOOD #1, showing the whole Brotherhood in action.
Would I post this Phil Noto variant if it wasn't so?

So what's to say about this that I haven't already said? It's got titanic Paco Medina art, for a start - but also, it's part one of a three-part journey across the thousand-year future of Sins Of Sinister, inspired by such diverse sci-fi sources as Blake's Seven and Ulysses 31, not to mention Disney's own Star Wars - and this dark future is going to end up having some serious repercussions right here in the present when we continue on with X-Men Red.

(And this is one more nail in the coffin of the Bird Site - I was very vocal on Twitter, especially by my reclusive standards, about X-Men Red continuing on from where it's left off with an issue #11 that comes right after Storm & The Brotherhood #3. And yet despite Twitter's alleged reach, when I look online I still see people worried the road might have ended - and in these times of the five-issue ongoing, who can truly blame 'em for lacking faith? So I'll tell you right here, once again, that I'm currently knee deep in Issue #13 of the book, and I've planned some issues further than that. What plans are those, you ask? Well, it might have something to do with the Heralds Of Apocalypse special that just got announced, but for now, I'm saying nothing further...)

What else is out as you read this? How about Red Goblin #1, true believer?

The cover to RED GOBLIN #1, by In-Hyuk Lee, showing Red Goblin holding a pumpkin.
What a merry chap.

This one isn't by me - it's by friend of the show Alex Paknadel with awesome art by Jan Bazaldua - but it does have a connection to the ongoing Venom book, as eagle-brained readers will remember that Dylan Brock, in an effort to find his wayward father, offered a dose of symbiote to old friend Normie Osborn, turning him into the aforementioned Goblin. This is likely to be a rough road for Normie - not only is he a twelve-year-old boy, and from a very different side of the tracks than Dylan, he's also the grandson of maniac-turned-penitent Norman Osborn, so Spider-readers can expect all manner of connective tissue to pop off like a string of firecrackers. Buy, read, enjoy.


It's late, I've got a lot to do tomorrow, I don't even have a Fab Five in me. How long can this go on? Have I nothing to say about Hitman? Or Metal Gear Solid? What about the films of Russ Meyer? What about, you know, the whole having a newsletter thing? I can't just say what's out every week, there's got to be content. Right...?

Ehhh, it's not like I'm asking for money or even taking comments yet, I'm fine coasting for now. This part of the year is always a Red Queen's Race, I'm just running to stay in one place - fortunately, the back end of all that effort means comics for you. I've got some announcements coming up very soon that I think you're going to like, assuming I can keep myself together long enough to actually pull it all off - but then again, I finished writing [REDACTED!!! TOP SECRET SECRETS!!!] this week, and that came out very nicely. All the artists seem to like the script. Artists plural? Script singular? What could I be dancing around here? Is it still  c o n t e n t if I'm wiggling my fingers and hinting at mysterious hints? Whatever, I'll take it! 

But for now - another week has passed, and this is still where to find me. Love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with "I Just Did A Bad Thing" by Bill Wurtz.

What's the name of this game? How do you play it? And how long does it take?