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Great News For All Our Readers

An early goodbye.
A detail from AVENGERS INC. #5
And as things go, it went.

It's late and I'm behind on a couple of things, so I'm going to keep it relatively brief. Let's dive right in and ask...


Avengers Inc. #5, that's what!

The cover to AVENGERS INC. #5, by Daniel Acuna, showing Wasp facing off against Hank Pym and Black Ant.
Going out with the best logo version of all.

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for, as they say. Here's where we tie off all the mysteries into a neat little bow - a little earlier than originally planned, but it should be a neat package for all that, with plenty of twists, turns, heartwarming moments and tragic downfalls as a few guest stars of old return for one last case. I can't thank Leonard Kirk enough for his great work on this book - he handles a whole Lethal Legion of assorted bad guys with aplomb here, not to mention the introduction of a potential new Avenger. (If you'd like to see more of him in an X-Men vein, the excellent Sabertooth & The Exiles TPB is out today, too.)


A panel from MARVEL COMICS #1, showing the tiny figures of Professor Horton and the Scientist's Guild member ascending what might be a stairway. Vast shadows are projected onto the wall behind them. Horton says "I thought so, my friends.. come this way please - and I will show you everything!"
A sudden descent into nightmare.

Well, now everything's green. Horton, the Scientists Guild member, even the background itself, once a house but now morphed into a vast cavern, lit starkly and from impossible directions, impossible angles. How high is that ceiling? Are these stairs, a landing, a catwalk? Where does this lead? Horton's shadow dominates, a thing of immense size, dwarfing him.

As we've established, green is the forbidden color, a shadow-color that portends evil. That Horton's now draped in it - that he's being swallowed by his own shadow - denotes corruption of some sort. He's already calling these strange scientists - surely the strangest men of all time, given that all of Marvel time is a page and a half at this point - his "friends". Where is the Horton that stood against the power of the press now? What is he about to be cajoled into doing?


For now, I've got to hit the sack - love and strength to all who need it, and I'll play us out with another recently-discovered banger in the shape of "One That Got Away" by MUNA.

If you never put it on the line, how am I gonna sign for it?