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Understand ye yet, or what?

This week, something big.
A caption from IMMORTAL THOR #1, treated with effects by me.
I'm not done yet.

So what's out today?

I can't hear you!


Immortal Thor #1, that's what.

The cover for IMMORTAL THOR #1, by Alex Ross, showing Thor lit from within by a godly glow.
It looks like this.

So why "Immortal"?

It represents a promise, of sorts - not so much a promise to the readers as a promise to myself. A promise that I have at least one more swing in me, that I can do something on the level of the work people know me best for and do it better this time - or at least, maybe do it older and wiser. I have to try.

There are echoes. There's a moment of structure in there, a particular stylistic choice that's repeated on purpose, as some kind of offering to fate, or maybe an exorcism of ghosts. There's also a new stylistic choice that's entirely this book's own, that speaks to how this book is its own thing, a new shot at the moon, a different beast. From the off, there's more of a sense of positivity this time around - where the other book was horror and rage and tragedy, this is more through the lens of fantasy, even something approaching optimism, while still trying to explore some big, meaty concepts and themes.

Martin Cóccolo is an incredible help there - people are going to be talking about the epic beats of this book, the big feasts of destruction and conflagration and terror, but I hope you also take a moment to enjoy Thor's smile, his laugh, his softer moments. Martin captures the Thunder God perfectly, and every page landing in the inbox is a delight. Meanwhile, Matthew Wilson is our color artist - one of the very best in the business, and his work here is at once thoughtful and spectacular, capturing the dazzling technicolor of Kirby's Asgard and infusing it with a myriad of beautiful subtleties. Joe Sabino provides gorgeous lettering, incorporating some almost subliminal touches that I won't spoil, but that I think might resonate on the subconscious level for some older readers. Wil Moss and Michelle Marchese are our editors - it's a pleasure to reunite with Wil, and Michelle's been great to work with too.

And on covers, we have Alex Ross - who also contributed design for certain characters, including Thor himself. It was Alex who sold me on Thor returning to a more classic Kirby look - he described that in ways that made Thor seem alien, otherworldly, a living fiction walking the land of the real. Marvel is the world outside your window, but Thor is bigger than that world, living pop art in a realist landscape. Something about that captivated me - and meshed well with the ideas I was already considering. Including Thor, you'll see three designs from Alex in issue #1. He also contributed a design for issue #25. I'm planning for the long term.

It's called "Immortal" because that's the promise, and because I have to try, because I don't know how to do anything else but try. If we fail, we'll fail better. But I don't think we're going to fail.


Venom #24!

The cover to VENOM #24, by Bryan Hitch, showing Dr Doom inundated by symbiote goo.
By a strange coincidence, I'm wearing a t-shirt that looks a lot like this.

I'm joined for this one by Sergio Dávila, with Sean Parsons on inks and Frank D'Armata on colors - and they're the perfect team to bring Eddie Brock's particular brand of chaos to Latveria. Those who've been tickled by Eddie's roaring rampage of rambunctiousness since he returned to this dimension will find lots to love here, as the King in Black leaves no stone unturned - or atop another - in his attempt to borrow a time machine, while Doctor Doom attempts to control yet another of this maniac's violent episodes... but indulging in his own brand of extreme physical discourtesy. Dear God, they're putting each other through tables! The fight has left the ring and it's in the basement! Where will it end? Or - when will it end?


Yes, we're at the end of another newsletter - it's late and all that Thor talk has tuckered me out. More padding next time, true believer - but for now, this is still the place to find me. Love and strength to those who need it, and I'll play us out with "Thunder In My Heart" by Leo Sayer.

There's a storm ragin' deep in my soul, there's a howlin' wind that I just can't control.