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Where Is Thy Sting?

There's a real buzz in comic shops this week.
A section of the cover of WASP #1.
It's here, on this helmet.

Deadline pressure is building, tax time is coming, and here we are again on a Tuesday with New Comic Day closing in fast. It's going to be short and sweet - let's dive right in.


WASP #1, that's what!

The cover to WASP #1, showing Jan holding her wasp helmet.
WASP #1, cover by Tom Reilly.

This is a thematic sequel of sorts to last year's ANT-MAN miniseries, as you can tell from the excellent Tom Reilly cover art. But I'm focussing a little differently this time - where the earlier mini was an exploration of all the various Ant-Men, WASP is a deep dive on the two current Wasps - Janet and Nadia Van Dyne - in one four-issue adventure together. And since it's an Anniversary story, we're focussing very strongly on enemies from when Jan, and Nadia, first started out. Jan's first story in particular is haunted by ghosts - not just the ghost of her father, Vernon Van Dyne, but also the spectre of Maria Trovaya, Hank Pym's first wife and Nadia's mother. And, of course, the ghost of the late lamented Henry Pym himself. Janet and Nadia are going to have to exorcise all these ghosts - not literally, I know how comics websites work - over the course of a thrilling adventure that will see them both tested to their limits and even ask the question... what would the Wasp be if there was never a Wasp?

I'm ably assisted in this by the awesome Kasia Nie, who's followed through every twist and turn of the story without blinking - I think between the two of us we've made something that's a great anniversary present for all the Jan Fans out there.

A double spread from WASP #1, unlettered, showing a flashback to Jan's origin story.
And here's some interior art from issue #1.

What else is out tomorrow? Well, if you're keeping up with VENOM, you'll want VENOM #15...

The cover of VENOM #15, showing Dylan Brock as Codex attacking Bedlam.
VENOM #15, cover by Bryan Hitch.

Continuing Venom's intersection with the DARK WEB saga! This one isn't by me, it's by Ram V, with art by the ever-stellar team of Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie - but it continues right where I left off, with Dylan Brock about to confront his addled Dad, who's assumed the persona of the rage-infected mega-symbiote Bedlam after a bit of memory meddling by the Goblin Queen! Meanwhile, New York continues to go semi-literally to Hell... pick it up wherever good comics are sold, true believer!


And that's that! I told you I was busy - not to mention more than a little depressed right now at the culture war that seems to have completely infected my country and the world. I don't have it in me tonight to write an essay on the topic - you read the papers, you see what's going on - but I will say, once again and not for the last time, for anyone who needs to hear it, that trans rights are human rights and trans joy is the world's joy.

And with that, this is still the place to find me. Love and strength, more than ever, to all reading. Playing us out with Stephin Merritt and his live version of "I Don't Want To Get Over You".

Excellent cigarette work here. Don't smoke, kids.