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I Am Furious (Green)

An ulta-fast and ulta-loose round-up of new comics and an old panel.
A panel from IMMORAL X-MEN #2.
Some planets about to take the L.

It's Tuesday! And that means it's time for another newsletter. Another quick newsletter. Without further ado...


IMMORAL X-MEN #2, that's what!

The cover of IMMORAL X-MEN #2, by Leinil Yu.
Rah rah! Rasputin!

More from the ongoing Sins Of Sinister crossover, set 100 years into the future from the main books - in a future where Mr. Sinister has won, and it's the worst thing that could've happened to him. Kieron Gillen writes, Andrea Di Vito draws, and who's that on the cover? Wouldja believe fan-favorite alternate future mutant chimera Rasputin? The very same!

But if you're looking for a comic I've actually written rather than just been in the room for... how about this?

The cover for X-Men Red Book 2, by Russell Dauterman.
Not to scale.

X-MEN RED Vol. 2 comes out in trade this week, featuring Storm, Magneto, the mutants of Arakko, Abigail Brand, Roberto Da Costa and even a guest spot from Nova - not to mention awesome art from Stefano Caselli, Madibek Musabekov and Jacopo Camagni! I won't reveal what shocking story beats are reprinted within, in case you're a trade waiter who's somehow managed to avoid spoilers – but there's a Magneto scene in here that's widely considered one of my best, as well as a Sinister reveal, the sixth shame of the Shi'ar, and the supporting character find of 2022 in the form of Arakko's own Two-Fisted Astronaut, Dr. Craig Marshall. Keep an eye on him.


Blasting through this one at an even more frenetic rate than usual...

A panel from MARVEL COMICS #1, in whihc Professor Horton begins talking to the press.
Behold the birth of a universe.

This is the first story panel in Marvel Comics. Are we starting as we mean to go on?

Technically, we've had the blazing action into in the panel previous, showing the Torch blasting through a wall offering a handful of fire to any and all takers, but this is where the story proper begins. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit more exciting taken in context - but I'd also be cheating, because "taking it in context" is not the point of the exercise. The point of this is to spend a week with each panel, really chew it over. And there is a decent amount of info here to chew on - at least three of Kipling's six honest serving-men are represented here, we've got the what, the where and the who. The dude with the forehead, denoting his massive BRAIN, is Professor Horton, a point he's clearing up for his guests in case they mistake him for the butler. The other two are "gentlemen of the press", and from the slouch of their shoulders they're not expecting much from all this, especially since this "laboratory" we're apparently in seems to double as Horton's smoking room.

Actually, on a second look, there's an air of keen curiosity about these two, in the way they're leaning forward hungrily - the man in green is even leaving his cigarillo to burn in the ashtray, so that his reporter's instincts can properly home in on the hot poop now available. What's this problem, Horton? How is it difficult? What's this latest discovery? Enquiring minds want to know, damn you! I'll beat it out of you if I have to, you can tell by my bulldog-like features that I've reduced men to a bloody pulp in front of their mothers just to get the scoop on their "difficult probems". Cough up the goss, fivehead! Don't make me take off my glasses, I'm a wild man when I'm roused.

I suspect we'll be seeing more of this angry green-clad maniac, Marvel Comics' first primary antagonist. The precursor to another rage-filled green entity? Watch him, Horton, he might look like he's about to go to sleep but that's just to draw you in close for the sucker punch!


Yep, it's a short one, you can blame the work I'm putting into my exciting new project, [REDACTED]. And then I've got to get up early and write a few more pages of my other exciting new project, [EVEN MORE REDACTED]. Who says this isn't the ghost.io age of heart-stopping non-announcements, true believer? Anyway, this is clearly still the place to find me. Love and strength to all those who need it, and I'll play us out with "OUR MUTUAL FRIEND" by THE DIVINE COMEDY.

A song that I can't sing anymore.