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Great nws for all our rdrs - NWSLTTR is back.
A detail from VENOM #29,
Eddie's in the space-time continuum.

Deadlines, still reeling from New Years, etc, you know the drill at this point - this is what happens when I'm run too ragged to do a proper newsletter (if such things even still exist) but there's a book out today and you need to know about it! So let's dive in and ask the question...


Venom #29, that's what!

The cover for VENOM #29, by CAFU, showing Venom and Meridius reflected in each other.
King of all trades, master of none.

Why the reflective cover? 'Cause I figured the best way to tell the secret origin of Meridius, the Evil Eddie Brock who's the time-warped mastermind behind everything, is through... a palindrome? What? Well, read the book and find out for yourself - it's definitely the most thumbnailed thing I've done in recent memory, and you'll figure out why that is when you get to the mind-bending midpoint! Who says this isn't the Venom age of formalist experimentation for its own sake, goo believers? CAFU pulls an absolute blinder on art, as he does every ish, and Frank D'Armata dazzles us again with the colors.


Afraid so! I do want to do a little better at this whole deal in 2024, but we'll see whether that's a New Years resolution I manage to keep. Happy New Year to all readers in any case, and love and strength to all who need it. I'll play us out with "What About Love?" by Heart.

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